WILDCRAFTING Linda Diane Feldt My philosophy is simple. For both food and medicine: I encourage both to be local, fun and easy. That also means food and medicine can be inexpensive, and gets people out in nature. I've been a fan of the forests and meadows since I was very young, and I was just 10 years old when I helped save a nature area from development. I have been a practicing herbalist since 1982.
Many wild plants are new tastes and new foods. How can they be enjoyed? Over the years I've collected hundreds of recipes for preparing wild foods. Each recipe will start with the basics - what part of the plant to harvest, when it can be harvested, and what to do from there. Your subscription will provide a unique recipe each week. The priority is on local, in season wild foods that are easy to find. In winter I'll focus on stored food but other enticing ideas will also be included so you can look forward to when the wildcrafting season begins again. My locale is Southern Lower Michigan. The recipes will be based on that climate, but certainly can be adapted and used to inspire great eating around the world. The cost will be $15 for a full year subscription. Renewals will be $10 per year. Wildcrafting Recipes: Loving and Eating Wild Foods begins Janurary 16th, 2012. To subscribe, click here. In the meantime, you can sign up for my monthly Wildcrafting Newsletter, with links to my articles and class information. Just send me an e-mail wildcrafting@lindadianefeldt.com